this is me

Oh Hi!

Welcome to my insane world of cakes. Let me introduce myself—I'm Elliot Azzam, lifelong artist, dessert fan, and plucky grab bag of ridiculous talents. I was caking on an amateur level when dinosaurs roamed the earth, and a few years back I was lucky enough to go professional. With that gig, I competed (and won! oops, spoilers) on Cake Hunters (Cooking Channel) and Cake Wars (Food Network). I've built stupidly tall cakes; sculpted portraits out of cake; installed lights, motors, and water features in cakes; and I'm not shy about dragging out power tools to get the job done. My work has been featured in wedding blogs & magazines, and has traveled a thousand miles to reach a destination. 

And now I'm out on my own. Sure, playing with my own food is fun. But now, I get to play with YOUR food, creating show-stopping cakes that are not only visually amazing, but pretty darn tasty, too. I love putting my creativity and hand skills to the test, conquering new techniques, and delivering over-the-top cakes that will leave your guests astonished at your excellent taste and vision.

So have a look around the site. Check out the gallery and the FAQ page. If you have an event coming up that just begs for an audacious cake, get in touch via the Mouth Hole page. I may be up to my eyeballs in buttercream and unable to answer immediately, but I will get back to you as soon as my hands aren't sticky. 


Portrait of a Caker in Her Natural Habitat

Portrait of a Caker in Her Natural Habitat